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The Difference in East Coast Karate II’s Kickboxing

East Coast Karate II’s kickboxing extends beyond the typical health club’s kickboxing class and here’s why: We train authentically, like kickboxers. From shadowboxing to focus mitts, thai shields, bag work, and sparring (an optional part of the program), we teach all of the basics of Muay Thai.

What is the goal of kickboxing? Weight loss, muscle gain, and improved technique! At East Coast Karate, we pride ourselves on teaching correct and effective technique.  When participating in true kickboxing at our dojo, there are no sloppy punches allowed, and unacceptable kicks are not thrown 1,000 times a session just for the sake of burning calories. Our classes are high-paced, interactive, fun, safe, and goal-oriented while instructing proper form and technique and delivering the health and physical benefits of a rigorous training program.

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