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East Coast Karate II welcomes you to our website and dojo. At our conveniently located studio in the Fountain 9 Mall in Sea Girt, NJ, we teach Kojukai, a hybrid martial art that, at its core, is designed for one thing: To get you out of harm’s way and back home to your loved ones as quickly as possible.


Life’s Tools: Instruction in Survival and Skills

In reality, to survive an attack, you might have to strike, grapple against a wall,  or wrestle on the ground as you are ambushed by a single attacker or multiple assailants. The  list of possible scenarios stretches on and on, which is why our curriculum involves striking, throwing, grappling, joint locking, weapons training, and scenarios executed in real-time.

At East Coast Karate, we draw upon skills from a number of resources. For example, the kicks, strikes, and blocks come from Japanese Karate; the foot sweeps and throws are native to Judo; the devastating knees, elbows, and kicks are from Muay Thai; the no-nonsense techniques and weapons training exhibit the Israeli system of Haganah; the ground survival skills represent Brazilian Jujitsu; the joint manipulation is part of Japanese Jujitsu; and the stick and knife fighting skills come from Arnis.

The skills above are what East Coast Karate considers to be tools in our toolbox. We all know what happens when we fail to maintain a toolbox with the right tools for the specific job at hand: The job doesn’t get done!  At East Coast Karate, our mission is to provide you with the tools necessary for self-defense, as self-protection is one of the toughest jobs you will ever have to tackle.


Empowerment for Life’s Journeys

We realize that life presents a lot of journeys, and along these often unpredictable paths,  we encounter challenges that affect us as well as our loved ones and children.  Through taking control and training at East Coast Karate, you will empower yourself to confront and conquer the obstacles that spring up along your journey. First, you will almost immediately improve your coordination and find yourself  in better physical shape as you lose fat, build muscle, and increase strength. Second, your will realize a much sharper focus, beneficial both inside and outside of our dojo as your training abilities, work performance, and grades are positively impacted.  Third, your confidence will start to rise and continue to increase as you train at East Coast Karate.

In life, most people just want to feel better about themselves; they also want their children and loved ones to feel content and self-assured.  Training at East Coast Karate enables positive life advancements that yield daily benefits mentally, physically, and socially while  simultaneously providing expert instruction in a proven, effective martial art.


East Coast Karate II: THE Place to Train

We welcome guests to drop by our well-lit, immaculately-maintained dojo with an interior devoted entirely to training and instruction. East Coast Kojukai Karate II is more than a place to train; our dojo is THE place to train because we remain focused on providing the facility, experience, dedication, and mindset necessary for you to achieve your goals and realize results.

Contact us today to experience the rewards of East Coast Karate’s higher level of training. Be sure to explore our website pages featuring our programs in adult and youth Kojukai mixed martial arts; combat fitness kickboxing; and Haganah.

Proudly serving Sea Girt, Manasquan, Wall, Brielle, Point Pleasant, Allenwood, Spring Lake, Belmar, Avon, and Bradley Beach!


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  1. Sensei Mike says:

    PARENTS! Let’s start a discussion. Issues with your kids, wanna just vent, got any good ideas that work? Let your voice be heard!

    • Jessica & Gabe Ressa says:

      Hi Sensei Mike – Gabe and I have been searching for your instructional Katta (spelling?) video, but can’t find it! Any tips on where it is specifically located?

      Jessica Ressa

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